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Every year, over 600,000 hysterectomies are performed in the United States. By some estimates, almost HALF of these are for fibroids, many of which could have been avoided by women seeing a doctor in our network. Don’t be part of a growing sad statistic. You have a choice in your health care; make that choice a doctor in the network.

What makes The Fibroid Treatment Network beneficial to YOU?

  • unbiased information and education on ALL your treatment options
  • we do not promote any one physician; we are a network of doctors dedicated to providing the best care for you
  • we do not recommend any ONE treatment for fibroids; every women is unique and deserves to be offered ALL her treatment options.
  • we provide candid Patient-to-Patient education so you can hear from women who have already gone through what you’re going through today

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Can Fibroids Affect Your Fertility?

Dr. Mark Kan, the Medical Director of Newport Fertility in Newport Beach CA, is a nationally recognized expert on fertility and has been a special guest on the TV show The Doctors. In this video, Dr. Kan discusses the most important topics about fibroids and your fertility:

  • the different types of fibroids
  • how fibroids may affect your fertility
  • some of the most advanced treatment options available
  • the recommended approach to fibroid treatment for women trying to become pregnant

Can Myomectomy be the Right Fibroid Treatment for You?

Dr. Gerry Bustillo is currently the Medical Director of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Program at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center and has over 25 years of experience in all types of gynecologic surgery. In this video, Dr. Bustillo helps answer the most important questions about myomectomy (fibroid removal) surgery:

  • what is a myomectomy, or fibroid removal surgery?
  • what are the different types of myomectomy surgeries?
  • how long is the expected recovery after myomectomy surgery?
  • what is important in choosing a myomectomy surgeon?

Dr. Bruce Lee and the Acessa Procedure

An informative video with world renowned OB/GYN Surgeon, Dr. Bruce B. Lee discussing his new, ground breaking, FDA cleared, Acessa Procedure for the treatment of Fibroid Tumors without the need for a hysterectomy.

  • which women can benefit from visiting the Acessa procedure
  • what separates Acessa from other procedures for fibroids
  • what women can do to be evaluated for the Acessa procedure