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Patient-to-Patient Education

Do you worry about your fibroid symptoms, what treatments are available and which one would be best for you? Becoming educated about fibroids isn’t something you should take lightly. But tackling your fibroid disease isn’t something that you should have to do alone!

Do you ever wish you could sit down and talk to a friend who has already been through the process of treating her fibroids? You could hear about her symptoms, what treatments she was offered, and what helped her make her treatment decision.

Our past patients are here to help! By subscribing to our educational videos, you can listen to our past patients discuss everything about fibroid disease:

  • hear about their personal symptoms and what led them to seek treatment
  • learn about what treatments their Gynecologist offered them, and how they chose the treatment that they did
  • find out how they’re feeling months and years after treatment at our center

From treatment options, to results, they are here to help!