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The Fibroid Treatment Network

Physicians Dedicated to Comprehensive Fibroid Care

Our Network offers education from our physicians, instrumental advice from our past patients, and direction to find a comprehensive fibroid doctor!  All in ONE place.

The Fibroid Treatment Network is a way for you to be sure that you are seeing a Gynecologist who is dedicated to providing all treatment options for your fibroids. Even if he or she doesn’t perform a particular treatment, by seeing one of the physicians in our network, you can be sure that you’ll be offered all of your options, even when that treatment option means a referral to another specialist within the network.

Our promises to you are:

  • Education: Educating women on fibroids and their treatment options
  • Choices: Ensuring women are provided a choice in their fibroid care
  • Direction: Helping direct women to physicians who can provide this level of service